A Company that creates prosperity in out life through constant challenge and innovations.
The Samsung Museum of Technology invites the visitor to explore technology made for mankind. It is a narrative environment which addresses the people personally and takes them on a ‘edutaining’ tour through the evolution of technological innovations. The journey begins with an unique signature wall. Samsung pays tribute to its people and demonstrates appreciation in a very personal and innovative manner. Chapter one invites everyone to experience the era of inventors. The visitor discovers the pioneers individual world and learns how they influenced our lives.
Chapter two abducts the visitor to the era of corporate innovations. Technology for the masses. Samsung invites the visitor to experience their improvements, displayed under one dynamic roof. Chapter three accompanies the people to the future – an open source environment which is open to all and offers personal freedom. Getting back to the lobby each visitor will the addressed personally. They will be invited to be part of the great Samsung signature wall. Appreciation to the people never ends.
Customer Experience Map


Brand Experience Group, Cheil Worldwide
Design Consultant
MDLab GmbH, Munich, Germany
(In-House Design Agency of Cheil)

Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt, Germany

Design & Build Contractor
Kesson, Seoul, Korea

Lighting Consultant
P2 LED Cube, Seoul, Korea

Exhibition Identity
Newetype Imageworks, Seoul, Korea

Historical Records Research
Space Croft, Seoul, Korea

Historical Records Collection
P/P/S, Seoul, Korea

Storytelling Consultant
Samsung Economic Research Institute, Seoul, Korea
Lee O-young, South Korean Critic and Novelist
Seed of Innovation Experience
Bombaram, Seoul, Korea

Core of Innovation, Semiconductor
Bombaram, Seoul, Korea

Core of Innovation, Display
Sangwha, Seoul, Korea

Core of Innovation, Mobile
Studio Colon, Seoul, Korea

Lobby Moving Display
Sangwha, Seoul, Korea

Product Gallery Experience
Solidworks Associates, Seoul, Korea

System Integration
Sam Media Tek, Seoul, Korea

Outdoor Signage
Midway, Seoul, Korea