Samsung d’light is Samsung’s flagship platform showcasing brand vision, integrated brand experience and innovative technologies. The new experience provides a personalized journey of self discovery, using Samsung products and technologies to create an interactive experience. Every experience throughout the journey creates unique content that reflects the character of each visitor. At the end of the journey, the visitor can opt to share their experiences on major social media platforms. The updated programs has catapulted d’light from an exclusively onsite experience into a fully integrated O2O platform.
Discover your possibilities.
Come and meet your future self
through the open ecosystem of Samsung‘s innovation.

General Concept of Mirror
A regular mirror reflects your real-time image.
We can distort this principle and reflect a possible future image.
Altering the mirror
Create an abstract image of our future selves by changing the materiality of the mirror.
Project your passion into future possibilities and be delighted with a surprising result.
By utilizing visitors‘ passions we can give them a glimpse of the future, empowered by Samsung innovation.
Exhibition Layer

Message Structure

Graphic Motif


Color Palette




Brand Experience Group, Cheil Worldwide

Design Consultant
MDLab GmbH, Munich, Germany
(In-House Design Agency of Cheil)

Design & Build Contractor
Solidworks Associates, Seoul, Korea

Lighting Consultant
P2LED Cube, Seoul, Korea

System Integration
Sam Media Tek, Seoul Korea

Exhibition Identity
Newtype Imageworks, Seoul, Korea

Experience Tomorrow Experience
Sangwha, Seoul Korea
Journey Planning
Daamdaam Samuso, Seoul Korea

Sync / Share / Imagination Experience
Media Flow, Seoul Korea

Emotion / Sense Experience
Binary Works, Seoul Korea

Intuition Experience
Clicked, Seoul Korea

Web Platform Design & Dev
Design Fever, Seoul Korea

Shape Tomorrow / B2B Experience
Bombaram, Seoul Korea